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December 17th, 2014

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Copyright laws and this website:
We are providing information on this website that is either public domain or under the fair use law. All publications on this website have long been out of print and for the most part are 30 to 100 years old. The purpose of this website is to provide resources to aid restoration and repair of vintage telephones and for educational and historical purposes.
December 22nd, 2014





Welcome to:
An extensive library of information on Vintage Telephones, and the information is free to view.

We have extensive library of information and manuals of vintage telephones on this site and will be adding more for a long time to come. The information will be free to view, although in hopes of offsetting costs in providing these resources we will have a premium area, that will allow searching by word or phrase, downloading by page or complete document in PDF, or printing online a page or more.

I personally have had a fascination with telephones that dates back to my early childhood and although I have never worked for the telephone company, I have maintained and installed many systems. I remember 30+ years ago having one of the very first 1A2 versions of the Touch-A-Matic telephones, and when the PBX man came to install it, at the end of the day it still wasn't working, so I asked, would you like me to fix it? He replied, if you want to shoot trouble go ahead, when he returned the next morning I had it working. Why, I even had an open account with the local wholesaler for ITT in the early 70's and beyond.

We have a large inventory of vintage telephones and parts, many of which are sold on eBay.  A couple of items are listed below, soon we will have a complete listing on this site, and at reduced prices.


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WE Catalog #7 - 1929
Western Electric Catalog #7
Dated 1929 - 400+ pages totally searchable! For the recorded, just so you know what is involved in creating this material, we paid $105 for this catalog, then spent 3 hours scanning it, then complied it in book form after running it through a OCR to make it searchable. You might say, it is better than the original.


This website is in it's infancy, check back soon, as it will soon be fully functional. We will be adding 100's of documents and even some hot deals on phone parts.

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